He came like a lover in the night. He came with love and a bible in his hand. All he wanted to do was love and spread love. He came with gift to reinforce his word. All he wished for was to love and enlighten. He settled with her, helping her and showing her love. His name was Missionaly. The girl’s name was Afie. He was nothing like she had ever seen. Misshy, for short, was handsome and clean. He knew everything and he had everything.

Misshy introduced her to many things, new things she had never seen before. Their love blossomed and the relationship became strong. Love too sweet to be described or put into words, a strong  marriage in the making. Nobody knew that this union would be toxic, enslaving.

it was only a matter of time before Misshy had other friends like him, coming from far way places that the love story took a new and ugly turn. Empy was the worst of them. He came to destroy everything that Afie stood for. Everything that she loved and treasured.In the beginning there was the word. so trapped by them she could not escape.

She felt trapped by them she could do nothing. They ruled her life. they treated her like a slave. Still he slept with her.


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